You should be aware there are many types of HD CCTV Systems available on the market; these range from 720p CCTV Kits for basic monitoring, best value Camera Systems for some form of identification, to high resolution systems that lead to identification and prosecution hence we offer 1080p Cameras and Recorders.

Bloxwich Computer Centre huge range of HD CCTV kits meet a wide range of application requirements whether it be Home Camera Systems, Office CCTV System, CCTV for School, Warehouse or larger multi-site operations.

Many HD CCTV Systems offered today are typically from security companies, but it’s the technology that is being sold, not the service, so why pay for expensive maintenance contracts and be tied in for years when once setup, because of sound technological advancements, the HD CCTV system should run problem free, and if there is an issue all you need to pay for is the repair fee.

Call us to discuss your requirements; our sales team are trained to help you select the best HD CCTV System to meet you requirements. We can offer best value Camera Systems for some form of identification to high resolution security systems that lead to identification and prosecution.

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